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Melanie Doppler is an elementary educator and math lover. Originally from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, she now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, two children and dog. Melanie is passionate about math education and believes that children will learn to love math if we make it engaging and fun. In addition to writing children's books, she makes engaging math resources for Teachers Pay Teachers and has a podcast, The Dog Ate My Homework, about how parents can help their children with math at home. She hopes that Carnival Counting unlocks the magic of counting for readers everywhere. For more great math ideas and tips to try, check out Melanie's website at

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Kinga Martin is a self-taught illustrator, and watercolor artist, owner of Kingarooart. Martin specializes in book illustrations and whimsical watercolors depicting aspects of nature. Originally from Poland, she graduated in the nutritional field. She spent a number of years living and working in Italy. Her art interests are rooted in exposure to both countries rich and diverse cultures, as well as her family's creative background. Kinga lives in Easthampton, MA with her husband Geoffrey. For more information visit Kinga's website at



The Books that Count collection is published by Henschel Haus Publishing Inc. For more information and to check out some other spectacular reads, visit


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